Panatta DFC 184 Elite

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    DFC 184 ELITE / 1DFC001

    Racks and DFC logo characterise the design
    Sturdy structure consists of 80x80x3mm e 80x40x3mm load-bearing sections
    8mm thick sheets
    Safe use
    Frame guaranteed 7 years
    Mobile Panatta Modules can be assembled and disassembled as desired
    Safe handling system
    Stable and intuitive fastening system that provides stability during exercise
    Fixed Panatta Modules can be screwed in different positions to make full use of available exercise space
    Mobile Panatta Module handling and Fixed Panatta Module positioning flexibility confer high composition versatility to the structure
    Colour variations allow further customisation. All aerial components and crossbars are painted graphite. All uprights and most Panatta Modules can be painted the following colours: red, yellow, white, black, graphite and silver.

    Produktnummer: 1DFC001