Panatta FW Pullover

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    Panattas bakgrunn fra optmial muskeltrening har resultert i en fantastisk pullover-maskin.

    The Pullover Machine reproduces the traditional multifunctional exercise performed with barbells and dumbbells with full range of motion, creating a synergy in the activation of Pectoralis major and Latissimus Dorsi. It stands out for:

    Gas assisted seat with height adjustment;

    Gas assisted back seat with depth adjustment;

    Full rom up to 240° of shoulder extension;

    Levers system with additional cam to ensure a natural adaptation of the load;

    Multigrip handle for tight hold (without elbows support on paddings) or medium large (with elbows support)

    Counterweight to reset the empty weight of the exercise lever;

    Locking belt for better stability of the torso;


    6 additional weight holders;

    Produktnummer: 1FW139