Panatta Powerlifting Bench

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    Flat bench complying with IPF regulations. It is ideal for every stretching exercise on flat bench. The very tick padding ensures maximum stability during the exercise even if performed with big loads. It can be used also for strength and cross-functional workouts. . Sturdy, strong 100% Made in Italy.


    Barbells keepers adjustable in height with telescopic system
    Selector spine of 14 mm in diameter
    Tubolars of 4 mm in thickness
    Ground clearance of the barbell adjustable between 75 and 110 cm with increases of 2,5 cm
    Rear lifting levers for height adjustment even with loaded barbell and without taking it out of the support
    Height adjustable safety supports with telescopic system between 54,5 and 77 cm
    Padding size of 125x30 cm and 42 cm ground clearance
    Distance between supports: 110 cm

    Width 130 cm
    Length 160 cm
    Height 95-128 cm
    Weight 165 Kg
    Max. Weight 800 Kg

    Produktnummer: 1PWL103