Panatta Runner Fenix Touch

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Artikkelnummer: 1FXT003

- CAPACITIVE MULTI- TOUCH SCREEN - DISPLAY HD LED 15' LED – MAX BRIGHTNESS - PARAMETERS SELECTION ONE-TOUCH - MULTIMEDIA: TV, WEB RADIO, WEB SELECTION, MUSIC & VIDEO - TRAINING PROGRAM SMART AND PRO - UNLIMITED TRAINING PROFILES - ASSET MANAGEMENT: ADVANCED MANAGEMENT PANEL - AUTOMATIC LUBRICATION - HRM: hand sensors and POLAR telemetry TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Inclination: 0-15% Speed: 0,3/20 km/h Dimensions: 215x85x145 cm Weight: 205 Kg Treadmill surface: 155x52 cm Power Supply: 230 VAC 50 Hz Power Engine: 3 HP Power Engine (peak): 5 HP Power absorption: 2300 W Warranty (frame): 7 years Internet Connection: RJ45 TV:DVB-T H.264, IPTV: Standard TV:DVB-C, ATSC: Optional Wifi®/ Bluethooth®: Optional